Natural Odor Cancellation

Start Your Own BusinessGet Rid of Foul Odors without Chemicals

XytoFresh is a unique blend of essential oils that have twenty years of industrial success for odor neutralizing ability.  We now offer this same technology to all types of odor challenges, both indoor and outdoor.  XytoFresh is a concentrated essential oil that is sparingly mixed with water to effectively neutralize foul odors.  In many cases, the XytoFresh product transforms an odor problem into a pleasant experience.  We are now bringing this odor cancelling product to death scene and hoarder home services as a pre and post-treatment that work very well.

So far, the large scale odor solutions are half-baked, costly, and contain potentially dangerous chemicals.  The XytoFresh system is safe, reliable, and affordable.  In fact, XytoFresh Odor Neutralizer will solve the worst of smells.  It can be used to remove odors from unattended death and awful hoarder home situations.  As a one-treatment solution, you can treat theaters, warehouses, and mega-gyms.

As a large scale solution, we can install a misting system that will absolutely solve odors before they leave the exhaust system, or even stop odors at the perimeter of the odor problem.  So, we treat land fills, waste treatment facilities, farms, food processing plants, and manufacturing operations with a solution that the community will absolutely love.

Odor Mitigation Services

When you start looking around, community odor problems can neighborhood problem or a citywide malodor.  It really doesn't matter as long as we can treat the problem at the source.  

We offer XytoFresh as the solution to your malodorous problems.  Let us demonstrate the power of essential oils to effectively mitigate your odor issues.